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//GlossaryItem.cs namespace Glossary { public class GlossaryItem { public string Term { get; set; } public...
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the miracles of mind
Hey Friends, Oprah Winfrey was born in a poor family. Her mother was a single teenage mother. She gave...
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How 2023 Be The Best Year - D InfoTech
Hey friends! Author Michael Hyatt is the founder of a leadership development firm, who was also the chairman...
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15 Difference Between Fixed Mindset VS Growth Mindset - D InfoTech
Hey friends! Just some time ago I saw a very old video, that video was 16 years old video, I saw that...
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Rule 2 For Success - Big Thinking - D InfoTech
Hey friends, 20th July 1969 was a very special day in human history. Why? Because as a human species,...
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Rule 1 For Sucess - Do Hard Things First - D InfoTech
Hey friends! ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ which is a very amazing book, its author David Goggins,...
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“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”
― Darren Hardy


He is my best friend I saw his website. The UI of his website is very good. And he has written very good blogs. Each topic is covered very deeply.

Afzal Dhukka

Software Engineer, Brainpower Technologies

Awesome, His blogs are very useful for the young generation.

Isa Ghojaria

Cyber Security Analyst, Network Intelligence

For students who always want to be motivated and want to achieve their goals, his blogs will be very helpful.

Junaid Dhukka

Application Engineer, Hydrodyne Teikoku India Pvt. Ltd
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